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http://blackbirchgolf.com/anu2ffh3aa To us here at Kretoss Technology, design is more than just how something appears visually–it’s about how something works and the experience a user has with a product. We want to ensure we’re building products that people need and enjoy using, which requires us to think about how the users will be interacting with a process.It’s important that the products we create are attractive, but also that they are functionable, enjoyable, and drive business results.



At our core, we are storytellers. A story after all is what sets the state for design. The first thing we do when deciding what story to tell is to listen to our users. We do this to get a comprehensive idea of what users want and need.


Ideation & Exploration

http://technix-rubber.com/4oxnb75npj Once we’ve listened a bit, we get to work doing and making. While we discover, we acknowledge that it isn’t about which idea came first but which will prove to be the best. From here, we explore in collaboration with our clients in a partnership that extends past launch. Our process itself is highly interactive, and includes walls of whiteboards and other mediums for creation. We’re constantly making to uncover new ideas and their directions.


Design Validation

Although we have many ideas, we don’t let assumptions win when it comes to decision making. Each decision we make is challenged with a process of storyboarding, wireframing, and testing our designs. This allows us to validate our designs beyond assumption and make sure our technique and knowledge of best practices is consistently improving.


Introspection & Iteration

We design, build, and observe–again and again. Our process ensures that design remains relevant until the application ships. This gives us accountability for the end-user-experience. This constant iteration inspires and informs engineering decisions along the way. Unlike other agencies, we strongly believe in the cross-collaboration between design and development teams.

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