eCommerce Development

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eCommerce Development

https://www.interactive-resources.co.uk/np74m8op4c We’ve been working with the eCommerce platform for years, and we have seen it grow from a young start-up to one of the world’s leading CMS platforms. Throughout our time working with clients on this platform, we have developed a respect for its functionality and the level of customization it allows its users. These are the key reasons why we create our clients’ e-commerce websites on this platform among a few others.


eCommerce Security

http://infinity-digital.co.uk/ot1huc422b It’s natural to worry about the security of your online presence, and your customer’s information. We’ll help you keep an eye on the store with secure and scalable solutions.


Total Integration

http://www.shaunpreece.com/uncategorized/vfgswpxq The days of manually entering inventory changes and accounting updates are in the past. Curotec can integrate your eCommerce solution with your inventory management, your accounting systems, shippers and payment services.


Data Analytics

https://rikwilliams.net/ux/lv1l2olb0 With the data you’ll get from a Curotec eCommerce solution, you’ll understand your customers better. Know what products people look at (but don’t buy), which ones encourage them to buy more, what products have seasonal appeal, and so much more.


Works with your Marketing

http://blog.costadelhome.com/63ffqmw The right eCommerce system can bolster your existing and future marketing efforts. From social media sharing in store, to back end features like cart abandonment remarketing and marketing automation campaigns, we’ll create a solution that works hard for you.