Web & App Testing

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Web & App Testing

We build quality into your product and application delivery lifecycle at any stage of your project. Depending on your needs, Kretoss is capable of identifying existing flaws through our comprehensive QA and testing packages, and providing project rescue services as well as further support and enhancement of your product upon necessity


Full-Cycle Testing

Our team is manual and automated testing approaches, using various industry standard tools and frameworks.Our engineers skilfully test the final product for its usage, user interface, data integrity and security to ensure the product is meeting all its specified requirements.Most of the testing is done manually so that all real-user scenarios can be applied.


Project Rescue

Our team is well-skilled at rescuing mid-lifecycle projects. We can help you get things back on track and salvage a project in jeopardy.During the course of development, we perform various types of testing to detect errors and to verify that the functionality satisfies specified requirements.

Testing tools and technologies

https://grable.org/7zo5kbdo3q9 Black-box testing, white-box testing, boundary value analysis, equivalence classes - for our QA team these are not just the professional terms, this is what we use in our everyday work. Our engineers are well-versed in various testing tools - Selenium, Cucumber, Capybara, Jmeter, Calabash, Jenkins, Locust and many others.



Iflexion is capable of providing continuous support and enhancement services in an ongoing effort to further improve your software and make it run as smoothly as possible after go-live.We have a ticket-based support system for quick support. Ask any query or question you have and our team will reach you shortly.

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