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Not only designing websites is important but also its development is equally important, making it functional. Which enables smooth, user-friendly and efficient interface for users and maintain data for the organization, also helps the system not to get breached security wise with web development, providing 100% web security. Our well experienced and passionate team at kretoss use various high precision programming tools for the website development.

Following are the Programming tools:

  • PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor):

    PHP / Hypertext Preprocessor is widely and most commonly used server side programming language for all types of web development. Web development is our key competency, using PHP frame- work we have developed thousands of very simple to corporate level websites. Our expertise PHP website developers and designers come together to interpret your dream website into reality. Avail our PHP solutions to develop your website to strengthen your business.

  • Laravel:

    Laravel is a simple framework for web development yet powerful. Not only provides expressive and attractive syntax but also enables Authentication, Authorization Systems, with integrated mail service and integration with tools for making websites faster. Larval helps to secure the website by protecting it against serious security threats. If consists of self-testing platform against any Vulnerabilities like bugs and errors occurred during the process.

    In total Laravel provides a pro-efficient website through its framework.

    Enroll with our Lavavel solution for getting this magnificently developed website to thrive with excellence.

  • Codeigniter:

    Code igniter is compact, lightweight, reliable and the fastest type of PHP framework used for web development. It's response is the fastest among all types of framework developed so far. It's no server requirement makes it lightweight. The biggest advantage is it’s built-in library.

    This system can be extended through the use of your own libraries, also supports third-party add-ons/plugins for additional functions improving productivity.

    Enroll with our Code igniter solutions for the fastest and compact website.

  • Node.js/ Node JavaScript:

    Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform, back-end JavaScript that helps in development of real-time applications/ websites, streaming applications, messaging applications, multiplayer games etc. It is used as single programming language. It runs on Google chrome V8 which is effortlessly fast and scalable web application, making it a high performance and capable to handle huge number of concurrent connection tool. Custom Real-time website/ application are developed here at kretoss Technology by our expertise team.

We are ready to meet your needs.

For a world class and quality web development and maintenance solution with 100% secured data and reliability, enroll with kretoss technology and thrive with excellence.

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