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Kretoss Technology is the most efficient and consistent AngularJS development company in USA and India with the most adaptable AngularJS development services team and providing its services across the globe.

We are your one-stop solution for any AngularJS Development Services requirements. Our specialized team of certified angular professionals specializes in providing AngularJS Enterprise Solutions that are specifically tailored to your needs.

As their most trusted AngularJS development company, we have completely revolutionized a number of enterprises. Our experienced offshore angular developer team has supplied them with the most engaging Custom AngularJS solutions for their companies.

Advantages of AngularJS Web Application Development

  • Support for Older Browsers
  • Provides a Large Collection of JavaScript and HTML Scripts
  • They’re Considered the Basis of AngularJS Apps
  • Modification of AJAX Glue is Allowed and Simple
  • To Implement Extending Attributes, Use Clear HTML Directives
  • High Performance and Great Speed
  • Users from the Large Market Base
  • Data Binding in Both Directions
  • It is Possible to Localize
  • Codes and Components that can be Reused

For AngularJS Development, We Use the Following Tools

1 – Karma

Karma is a JavaScript test runner that uses a configuration file to establish the testing framework, startup scripts, and reports, as well as ensure that your website and application can be tested on a variety of devices.

2 – Djangular

The purpose of this reusable AngularJS tool is to improve app integration by allowing developers to generate AngularJS content for separate applications rather than constructing a single large AngularJS app within it.

3 – Mocha.JS

Node.js and the browser are use to run this JavaScript framework. When compared to the Jasmine testing framework, Mocha is more flexible, but it lacks Jasmine’s ability to be an “all-in-one solution” provider.

4 – WebStorm

This is a helpful AngularJS development tool that supports JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, and other frameworks, such as React. This intelligent code editor works with a variety of frameworks without the need for additional plugins.

5 – Sublime Text

This is one of the most popular text editors for programmers who want to write in AngularJS more quickly. When it comes to coding, this tool is really useful because it intelligently simplifies the process.

6 – AngularJS User Interface

AngularJS UI is one of the most useful tools for speeding up the execution of your Angular application. It contains a number of user interface elements. Each module can be used by a user when modules are run in bulk.

We also offer Flutter App Development, React Native App Development, AngularJS Development, ReactJS Development, PHP Web Development, Laravel Development, Node JS Development, Shopify Development, WordPress Development, and many more development services.

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    What Makes Angularjs Web Development the Best Choice For Your Business?

    Being the top custom angularjs development company means ensuring first in the services we provide to all those that outsource angularjs web development to us.

    Here’s how angularjs web development services can meet all of your business requirements:

    Reliable Options

    We put security ahead of everything else. Our angular applications are robust enough to sustain cross-site scripting attacks and HTTP-level vulnerabilities.

    Features and Functions

    Angular JS comes with a lot of features and functionality out of the box. This helps in achieving faster sales to the market.

    Consistent User Experience

    Our angular JS web development methodology enables us to create angular applications that are user-friendly and have a responsive UI design.

    Reusable Components in Coding

    Our developers are skilled at developing internal representations. This allows us to design custom libraries with the highest possible optimization.


    Angular JS comes with ready-to-use components that let you expand your project. As a result, it is the greatest choice for business applications.

    Support for several platforms

    Various mobile-optimized UI tools can be used with Angular JS to create customized and cross-platform applications.


    Why Should You Choose Kretoss Technology for AngularJS Web Development?

    Our development provide excellent customer service

    Our team creates high-quality applications

    We help businesses increase their Return On Investment (ROI)

    With straightforward code, our team creates the best applications

    Agile methodologies enable us to adapt iterative work cycles

    We make sure that apps run smoothly and are easy to use

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    We always look for a long-term relationship. Kretoss Technology is a trustworthy partner for all of your Web and Mobile Application development needs.

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    Top Industries We Serve our AngularJS Development Services

    Kretoss Technology has developed AngularJS Mobile and Web Apps for various market industries including finance, medical health & fitness, and many more. We also have an expert AngularJS Development Services team that is working on cutting-edge technologies and tools.

    Logistics & Supply Chain

    Manufacturing & Production

    Property & Real Estate


    Health Care & Medicine

    Ecommerce & B2B

    Media & Advertising


    Social Networking & Dating

    Education & Tutoring

    Fitness & Beauty

    Travel & Transportation


    Frequently asked questions

    We hope we've answered your questions, however, our door is always open for a conversation if you have any more.

    We understand that estimating an AngularJS development services cost in advance is not always possible due to the unique features and requirements of each AngularJS project. As a result, we provide various pricing models that are tailored to your individual AngularJS development needs.

    Due to the scope and size of any project, it is hard to specify AngularJS development timelines. A custom AngularJS web development project might take anywhere from a few days to weeks, depending on the size and functionality you want on your website.

    AngularJS web development services allow developers to create high-quality web apps and websites quickly and easily. Developers can use it to develop dynamic and custom web applications with exceptional functionality and features.

    Kretoss understands the importance of after-sales support and maintenance, and therefore we include it in our AngularJS development services life cycles. As a result, we provide a variety of maintenance and support plans to suit your requirements.

    We develop responsive websites that provide the best possible user experience for visitors across a variety of devices and screen resolutions. Our talented and experienced developers carefully build a version of the site that is easy to navigate on any device.

    Before beginning any project, we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to ensure complete data confidentiality.

    Yes, we provide a website mock-up. We offer a few design alternatives based on your requirements and suggestions. Only when you’ve approved the design do we move forward with the development.

    We are committed to providing outstanding business solutions and improving the customer experience for your business. We offer various methodologies, implement agile development processes, and have a highly skilled developer team to respond to your every development need, in addition to our on-time delivery.

    AngularJS is used in online application development to develop single-page apps (SPA), progressive web apps (PWA), and mobile apps with immersive features that improve the customer experience and app performance. AngularJS web application development can also be utilized to develop high-performance applications that save time and money.


    AngularJS development can be used to develop a variety of applications.

    • Single Page Applications (SPA)
    • Server-Side Rendered (SSR) Applications
    • Industry-Specific Applications
    • Outstanding User Interfaces
    • Mobile Applications
    • Progressive Web Applications (PWA)
    • Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

    What’s the difference between Angular and AngularJS? The fact that AngularJS is based on JavaScript whereas Angular is based on TypeScript is a significant difference between the two frameworks. These two architectures share an open-source front-end platform for developing dynamic Single Page Applications (SPAs).

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