Why you should Consider Node JS Development Services for your Business?

Node JS is responsible for removing JavaScript from browsers and putting it into numerous complex applications. It’s one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks for building robust and secure real-time apps for your business.

Since its beginnings, Node JS has been the most popular JavaScript framework, providing a simple working environment. It’s great for real-time programs that need to function on several devices.

We have a team of experienced and skilled developers at Kretoss Technology who specialize in providing Node JS development services that are both fast and flexible. Our Top Node JS developers ensure that the product they develop is exactly what you want, with all of the features you want. Our Node JS developers aim to design user-friendly websites and web apps that may attract a large number of visitors and targeted audiences.

When compared to other JavaScript frameworks, Node JS offers more customizations and options, and when combined with complete knowledge of Ruby on Rails, we may achieve incredible results. It gives you a lot of flexibility and customization options while keeping your web app fast and optimized. 

Our Node JS Development Services are meant to help all types of businesses, whether they are start-ups with small-scale operations or established businesses with large-scale operations.

Is It Worth It To Invest In Node JS Web Development Services?

Node JS is a powerful IDE for developing lightweight and fast web and mobile applications. Our Node.js web development services experts can help you in developing faster and more flexible solutions for your business.

The following are some of the most significant benefits of Node JS Application Development Services:

1 – It uses JavaScript is Used

JavaScript is used by Node JS for both frontend & backend development, i.e. on the server and client sides. As a result, communication is improved.

2 – Light Weight and Cheerful

Node JS is one of the most powerful server-side frameworks available. Apps load twice or three times faster with Node JS than with any other framework.

3 – Node JS is Extremely Fast

Node JS ensures runtime performance with Google’s V8 JS engine. In reality, this means quicker application development and better scalability.

4 – Architecture Based on Events

Node JS is lightweight and suitable for intensive I/O operations, data flow, and multiple connection requests due to its event-driven architecture.

5 – Best for Real-Time Application Development

Node JS is the best choice for those applications that need to process many short messages (real-time applications like chat rooms, retail, online gaming, and so on).

6 – Modules that are Open-Source and Community-Driven

Node JS is indeed an open-source runtime environment with a large library of JavaScript modules contributed by the community.

We also offer Flutter App Development, React Native App Development, AngularJS Development, ReactJS Development, PHP Web Development, Laravel Development, Node JS Development, Shopify Development, WordPress Development, and many more development services.

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    Kretoss Technology has developed Mobile Apps for various market industries including finance apps, medical health & fitness apps, and many more. We also have an expert Node JS Development Services team that is working on cutting-edge technologies and tools.

    Logistics & Supply Chain

    Manufacturing & Production

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    Health Care & Medicine

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    Social Networking & Dating

    Education & Tutoring

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    Travel & Transportation


    Frequently asked questions

    We hope we've answered your questions, however, our door is always open for a conversation if you have any more.

    The price of hiring a Node JS expert is entirely determined by the size and complexity of your website and web app. Every business has unique requirements, and the time it takes to develop a solution varies depending on the size of your website or web app. You can send us your requirements, and we’ll give you a FREE estimate for hiring a Node JS Developer.

    Our developers are known for their attention to the job and for delivering best-in-class solutions within the timeframe set. You will also be allocated a Project Manager who will keep you updated on the status of your project on a regular basis. You can interact with us using a variety of means, including chat, Skype, email, and phone calls.

    No. We like to keep things very clear as a top Node JS development Services Company. Everything from design to development to testing is included in our development costs. We also provide free support and maintenance services for three months for our client’s convenience. Our professionals want to make certain that the product functions smoothly and without errors.

    Yes, we will greatly help you in migrating your existing web application to Node JS. You can use our Node JS migration services to migrate your website or web app. Our professionals will help you with migrating your existing website to Node JS in a seamless manner. You may simply take advantage of NodeJS’s extensive functionality without fear of losing your data.

    Node.js is the preferred framework for creating servers that must handle thousands of connections, applications that require increased data exchange (video and messaging app, real-time monitoring applications), single page, and responsive mobile applications where complete page refreshes would result in a poor user experience, and prototyping quickly. Consult with us if you want to know if Node.js is the correct platform for your business. With our Node.js consulting and development services, we would be delighted to examine your business requirements and help you.

    We have a large team of experts who specialize in full-stack MEAN technologies, including Node.js. Our Node.js developers, consultants, and architects have developed and migrated a large number of apps, so they are well-versed in every aspect of the Node.js world, including the most popular backend frameworks. Our Node.js consulting & development services help our clients develop client-side and server-side web apps with strong social and video integration by utilizing Node.js’ speed, high-performance, and minimal features.

    Agile approaches are used in our Node.js development and any other projects. We have extensive experience with Kanban, Scrum, and XP methodologies. Our company uses an iterative and incremental development process backed by cutting-edge engineering practices to deliver working software that meets or exceeds user expectations in the shortest period possible while also offering the best Return On Investment (ROI).

    Yes, absolutely. Depending on the requirements and context of the application state, we’ve used a variety of mix-and-match technologies. For the front-end, we can use AngularJS or ReactJS, for example. For the middle layer, we can utilize ExpressJS or HapiJS, and we can choose from a variety of database solutions to meet your needs. Based on your objectives, our Node.js consulting team may help you in evaluating the possible solutions available for your front and backend.

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